The Wyndmoor subdivision is a 15-acre, 12 lot land development located in one of the fastest growing, most affluent communities in North Carolina – the village of Marvin. With some of the top public schools in North Carolina, Marvin is a residential community located southeast of Charlotte that focuses on preserving green spaces and maintaining strict development standards to ensure large, 1-acre lots.

This parcel of land is conveniently located between the two main entrances of Providence Downs South, a subdivision of stately homes southeast of Charlotte across the Mecklenburg County line in the tax advantaged and rolling countryside of Union County. Blue Heel acquired this property as raw land and has worked with the village of Marvin toward developing a plan that best utilizes the property, protects as much of the mature forest on the property as possible, while also and preserving the charm and character that define the Marvin community.

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